News from high in the sky….

News from Ruth from high in the sky.  I am on the road again, this time back to Orlando for IRA.  I am arriving a day early to sneak in some fun at the Harry Potter Park.  From all accounts, it’s a perfect place for a muggle like me.  Looking forward to a Quiddich game or two.

As I was packing last night — it’s all about the shoes at conferences — I realized that this conference will be special in so many ways.  First, it is the launch of Traits Writing, a day I have been looking forward to for almost two years.  We’re going public with the components and can’t wait to hear the response.  Second, I get to present on the program for one session and mentor texts (my true love) for another.  And third, I get to reprise the 39 Clues event I did with the fabulous authors of those books for lots and lots of teachers.  What fun!

With the launch of Traits Writing, a whole new life begins.  I hope to be visiting many of you in the coming years as you implement the writing program and join the writing revolution. It feels amazing to know that the calvary has finally arrived to save anyone who has struggled to teach students how to write, and to fill in the missing pieces for those of you who have been teaching writing with the traits but find it hard to get it all done.

It also feels good to think that within a few months I will be on the other side of developing this work. I have missed a lot as I was holed up in my little office.  I missed the changing of the seasons.  I missed the luxury of waking up on a Saturday morning with nothing to do but meet friends for breakfast, do a few chores, play with Harper and Prim, and goof off. I missed the natural rhythms of everyday life.  Can’t wait for that all to change, that is, if my friends are still speaking to me after two years of getting the brush-off for Traits Writing.

I hope to see many of you at IRA this week.  If your schedule permits, please come by the Scholastic booth and say hello.  Or come to one of the sessions. Exciting times ahead.  I packed my new good shoes just for the occasion.  They don’t have those four-inch heels, but they are cute.  Come see!

About Ruth Culham

RUTH CULHAM has written more than 40 books and best-selling resources illuminating both writing and the reading-writing connection for countless educators around the globe. Her groundbreaking work with the writing traits and writing from reading is the culmination of 40 years of research, practice, and passion. Ruth’s most recent books, The Writing Thief: Using Mentor Texts to Teach the Craft of Writing and Dream Wakers: Mentor Texts That Celebrate Latino Culture, are available from Stenhouse Publishers. She also conducts professional development for schools and districts and writes a regular column for The Reading Teacher.
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One Response to News from high in the sky….

  1. Debbie Stewart says:

    We love you and will take time with you whenever we can.
    Enjoy Orlando!
    Have a drink looking at the beach and raise a glass from
    me in your honor!

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